Afterschool Program

The afterschool English classes are designed for elementary school students to further their language skills.  In addition to the academic content offered by following textbooks, the course also consists of age-appropriate English discussions incorporating English-speaking games and activities.

2019 School Year

1st grader students

 Tuesday & Thursday 15:00-17:30

2nd grader students

 Monday & Friday 15:30-18:00

3rd/4th grader students

 Monday & Friday 15:30-18:00




2020 School Year

1st grader students

 Monday & Friday 15:00-17:30

 (Lesson 16:00-16:50)

2nd grader students

 Tuesday & Thursday 15:30-18:00

 (Lesson 16:30-17:20)

3rd/4th/5th grader students

 Monday & Friday 15:30-18:00

 (Lesson 17:00-17:50)


Tuition fees:

・Registration fees 20,000 yen

・Monthy maintenance fees 1,500 yen

 (Facility magenagemet fees, teaching material cost, insurance fees included)

・Monthy lesson fees 18,700 yen


Please feel free to contact us for the following cases too:

・The BKG graduate student's monthly fees differ from the above.  

・An extended care before/after the above hours can be arranged at an additional charge.

・We are also able to supervise students during our regular childcare hours (9:00-15:00), in order to cater for cases such as elementary school holidays or schools closing early.