Within the vicinity of the school there are multiple areas in which children are provided the opportunity to learn and play.  Students can acquire knowledge of culture, industry, history and nature in Kitakyushu city.

Kokura Castle


There are a variety of local walks that our children get to experience.  Students can indulge in all the seasons whether it be cherry blossoms in the spring, hydrangeas in the rainy period, and pine cone picking in the autumn.  


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Katsuyama Park

A popular park among locals.  


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Muromachi Community

Muromachi possesses the iconic Muromachi Tokiwa Bridge and takes the former Nagasaki route.  The local businesses around Muromachi provide us with the opportunity to tie in Halloween celebrations as well as traditional performing arts.  During the festival, the various drawings designed by our students are displayed on this bridge.

Kitakyushu City Children's Library

Kitakyushushu City Children's Library collects a variety of picture books and literature for young students.


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Envioronmental Museum of Water


Students can enjoy viewing the variety of sea creatures that the Murasakigawa River has to offer. 




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