Preschool and Kindergarten

While the course provides age-appropriate reading writing learning, it also encourages play and creative activities to trigger children's cognitive development.  Children learn through singing, dancing, story telling and art as well as gaining knowledge of the world around them from direct contact with nature.  Activities such as horizontal-bar gymnastics, floor gymnastics, yoga, swimming, excursions and international trips enhance learning pleasure and give learners a sense of their place in the world.  It is important that children grow physically, spiritually and socially with a focus on language, cognition, creativity, and their global and local place.  Weekly swimming lessons in a heated pool develop basic muscular strength, flexibility, and spacial awareness.  Our aim is for students to possess ability to swim before entering elementary school.

Infant Department Learning Frame

Topic studies

While teaching individual subjects we encourage students to enjoy their learning, hence giving them motivation to achieve.  The lessons comprehensively cover subjects such as sociology, science and geography.  Learners use their English to discover solutions themselves and therefore feel inspired to continue seeking solutions throughout their schooling.

Block learning

Students learn to read and write phonetically (Jolly Phonics), hence raising their attainment levels through age-relevant learning activities.

Practical learning

In addtion to art and sports, we frequently engage in practical-learning experiences.  This involves methods such as inviting guest speakers, international exchanges, local nature explorations and workplace tours.  Children also enjoy weekly swimming sessions.

To compliment their practical experiences, children learn about their local and broader communities.  They discover the cultural, artistic, industrial, natural and technological feature of Kitakyushu.  In addition to this they become broad minded individuals that respect multiculturalism and diversity through exchanges with people of a variety of different backgrounds and cultures.